Technology Day

Today was technology day at our school.  Every teacher was supposed to use their 1:1 technology while people from the district showed up for an open house to observe how we’re using our grant money.  Despite the fact I have strep and felt like I was breathing through a straw (when do these antibiotics start working???), I showed up and did my lesson.  It went really well.  My achievement coach said one of my observers asked if they could video tape my lesson to show at the district, so that was flattering.

The best part of my day though was when I was reading through my students quick-write responses online.  We had a current events lesson and learned about how some scientist is claiming King Tut died from a chariot crash after analyzing his remains.  Some people believe it’s very disrespectful to mess around with Egyptian mummies because ancient Egyptians believed that would affect their experience in the afterlife.  So I posed this question to my students: Is it ever okay to step on another person’s beliefs in the name of science or education?

I got a lot of really great responses.  This was not one of them, but the feedback left from another student made me LOL in front of the whole class so I thought I’d share.

That’s some quality discussion right there!  🙂

10 thoughts on “Technology Day

  1. Glad to have found you through ZipADeeDooDah Designs. I also teach sixth grade and am always looking for new ideas! I wish I had 1:1 technology…I am at about 1:6! I guess it's better than nothing. We just finished making trailers using Imovie. The students based their script writing and filming on the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I hope they turn out great!
    Looking forward to reading more about how you use technology in your classroom.

  2. I was sent here by Zip A Dee Doo Dah Designs. Love your post about having 1:1 in the classroom! My district is just now starting to move that direction. I think it is wonderful!

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