I’d Like to Fast Forward to Friday, Please

This week we have Parent-Teacher conferences and I’d really like to be able to fast forward until Friday.  It’s not that I hate PTC.  They’ve never been too bad for me, but I can’t tell you how much those late nights drain me.  Not to mention I have my ESL endorsement class on Monday night, so I won’t be getting home until 8pm all week.  I’m sooo looking forward to the comp day on Friday already and it’s only Sunday morning. 🙂

On another note, I finally finished putting together my Adorable Ocean Classroom Decor Pack.  I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile.  I have the calendar, word wall alphabet cards, subject labels, and name plates all in my shop already, but I wanted to put them all together, add some new elements, and help my buyers save $ if they wanted all the coordinating pieces.  I looove the clip chart.  Plus it’s editable! I’m really pleased with how it turned out and for a handful of hours this weekend it took my mind off the cold weather and transplanted me to warm ocean waters somewhere.  Not everything in the pack can be seen in the pic, but I couldn’t fit anything else.  Click on the picture below to see it in my TPT shop.

Did I mention the hubby and I are taking our first cruise this December?  I’m so ecstatic, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to this.  I’ve never been on a cruise before and we’re browsing our options.  Have any of you been on one?  Did you like it?  Which line did you go with? Any suggestions or recommendations would be very greatly appreciated! We’ll be buying our tickets once our tax refund gets here.

Well, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday before my grueling week.  The Chicago Blackhawks game starts here in about 6 minutes, so that’s a great way to kick off my morning! Talk to you all soon.

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