Feelin’ Pucky!

I survived PTC!  They weren’t too bad.  I couldn’t help but laugh as one parent complained about their student’s amount of homework and another parent right after said he was “disappointed” that his child didn’t have enough homework and that he wants me to send an extra hour’s worth home every day.  Yup…I’ll get right on that! Just goes to show you that you can never please everybody!

Anywho, I’m celebrating my well-deserved day off with one of my great loves….hockey!  And the hubby too, of course. My team, the Chicago Blackhawks, have been totally rocking it this season.  It’s hard to imagine this is the season that almost wasn’t!  They’ve set the record for longest streak without a regulation loss and they’re still going. This makes every game all the more nerve-racking, but so far, they’ve been able to keep the streak alive.  Can’t wait to relax and watch them take on the Colorado Avalanche again tonight.  Go Hawks!

So all this hockey fever has got me in the mood to create another language center game for my kiddos.  I have a lot of “reluctant” learners in my classroom and they’re all boys.  I know that’s not always the case, but my boys just don’t get as excited as my girls do about learning activities.  What they have loved, though, is any activity that’s sports themed.  They couldn’t get enough of the Around the Bases game I made awhile back for Reading Street.  I get it out from time to time for a review and they’re still not sick of it. 

Today I finished my “Adjectives Face-Off” game that has them practicing with comparative and superlative adjectives.  It’s hockey-themed and I’m very excited to use it this week and during review week.  I know my boys will love it even though none of them play hockey.  Plus, I was able to come up with different ways to use the materials, so it’s actually kind of a 3-in-1 game set.  More puck for your buck as I like to say! 🙂  Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

You can check it out in my TPT shop by clicking HERE.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I know I will!