A Fan-‘tache’-tic Freebie!

Hey, everybody!  I’m feeling a little better now, thank goodness!  It was a little touch and go there for awhile.  While I was recuperating, I got thinking about my class Valentine’s this year.  I’ve decided to go on an idea a colleague of mine did last year and play on the moustache fad right now.  And yes, I’ve looked it up: moustache or mustache are both perfecly acceptable ways to spell it, despite what blogger is telling me right now.  I prefer the former because it seems more fancy. 🙂

My kiddos are obsessed with facial hair (see my post about my kids idea of a “talent”) this year, so I’ve got a plan. I’m going to use my moustache valentines and attach them to sticks attached to chocolate moustaches.  I’ve found a cheap candy moustache mold at the party store and it’ll be much cheaper than buying my kids individual adhesive moustaches, although that would be fun too! I’ll post pics after I get them all made, but I have a few weeks before I need to get that done.

This download includes 8 different valentine’s day cards with various moustaches and two sayings: ‘I (moustache) you to be my Valentine!’ and ‘I hope your Valentine’s Day is fan-“tache”-tic!’

Click on the photo above to get this valentine’s day card set or visit my TPT shop.  I hope you enjoy this fan-‘tache’-tic freebie! 🙂

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  1. The only reason that previous comment was removed is because I'm a moron and can't tell the difference between knew and new. I love this mustache idea!

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