Science Magic

Have you ever been amazed at how smoothly a lesson went?  Well, that was me yesterday!  We started our Force & Motion unit this week and the first concept we’ve been learning about is gravity.  For our first experiment, the kids made predictions and observations about a variety of falling objects. During our debriefing, a lot of the kids just couldn’t believe that the items hit the ground at the same time regardless of weight.  Even when I demonstrated dropping some of the objects from an equal distance, the kids could not dismiss their predictions that the heaviest object hits the ground first, despite what they were actually witnessing.

Then, a light bulb went off!  I grabbed the digital camera, laid on the floor, discouraged the kids from throwing anything at my behind, and video taped a student dropping pairs of objects in front of the camera.  I popped the memory card into my laptop and we watched the videos in real time and in slow-motion and the kids LOVED it!  I hadn’t planned on doing that and I was a little proud of my ability to think on my feet.  The kids were able to see that all the objects, regardless of weight, hit the floor at the same time.  This clarified the concept for them and led us into a great discussion.

I know that this probably doesn’t seem like much, but considering that my year has not been going as planned, I really needed this little pick-me-up.  Have you had any moments like this during your teaching career?  I’d love to hear about them! 🙂