Balancing Act Silent Letter Patterns Center Game

Wow, this holiday season has been crazy!  I drove 8 hours to get to the airport a few days ago and then came all the way back home when weather ruined my flight.  I didn’t get to make it home this year to see my family and friends, which makes me really sad! 🙁  At least winter break is finally here and I’ve really enjoyed having a few extra minutes to myself.  Funny how a couple extra days off really recharge my batteries and get me excited to go back.  Are you all enjoying yourselves?  I hope so!

I used some of my extra time to create a game for my kiddos to play when we return.  It goes along with our Reading Street program, but along with all my other games, you don’t have to use that program to play it.  First of all, I’ve had these graphics for awhile and I have been really itching to make something using them.  The premise is pretty simple, but I think the kids will love it.  They draw a card with a seal on it and have to find the ball with the silent letter pattern that completes the word.  If they’re right, they get a carnival ticket.  The student with the most tickets at the end wins!  Cute, huh?  I also added in an extra practice worksheet with this game.

You can check this game out in my TPT shop by clicking HERE.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Balancing Act Silent Letter Patterns Center Game

  1. Thanks for your Science Magic post earlier in December. Don't you just love it when you have a moment like that with your class! I cannot remember my last"Aha, this will work," moment for me that led to all the light bulbs going off for the kiddos but it just feels great.

  2. Thanks, Kathy! It's so funny how a little moment like that can impact my whole day. I was walking on a cloud after that much needed ego boost! 🙂

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