Shopping Frenzy Time!

I hope everyone had a very happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving this year! We didn’t celebrate with a big dinner this year for a variety of reasons, but I’m very thankful for the break.  I’m still recovering from my illness with the help of some doctor prescribed medicine and some much needed time to sleep. 
CM300x250I’ve also been busy getting ready for the Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale that TPT is putting on, which means I’ve gotten some already-started projects crossed off my long to-do list.  Up to 28% off!!  I can’t wait to shop, shop, shop!  My shop will be on sale as well, in case you’re interested. 🙂

I used to do the whole Black Friday excursion until a few years ago when I was literally terrified for my life.  My sister and I were waiting outside Target at 3 o’clock in the morning so I could get my now-hubby some kind of chair he really wanted.  It was frigidly cold thanks to the Illinois winter wind and we had been waiting in this long line for more than an hour.  Ten minutes before the doors are due to open up, a huge mob shows up and instead of getting in line, crowds around the doors in front.  People were shouting at each other and fighting.  The tension was really mounting.  All of a sudden, everyone starts running toward the doors and we got swept up in the crowd, being pushed and knocked over.  It felt really surreal at the time.  All I could think was, “Am I really about to get stampeded at Target?”  It’s funny to talk about now, but it was pretty scary in the moment.  That was the same year some poor woman was killed when she was trampled at a Walmart. So….long story short, I really am in love with Cyber Monday and I choose to do my holiday shopping from the safety of my own home.  

What about you all?  Did you brave the morning rush to get some awesome deals?  Tell me so I can live vicariously through you! 🙂
My wish list is all ready to go for Monday so I thought I should focus a little on my shop.  I feel like I’ve been pretty productive.  Here are the goodies I’ve added to my shop:
‘Homophone Safari Card Game’ that I’ll be using with our Reading Street program, but you can use it whenever your kiddos need practice with identifying homophones.
‘Multiplication 500’ is a little racetrack game that has students recall multiplication facts 0-9.  I absolutely love the clipart that I got from goodnessandfun on Etsy.  She’s got a great sale going on right now, so you should go check her out!
‘Counting Coins Makes “Cents” Pack’ which uses my sister’s amazingly realistic coin pack.  I’m really excited about this pack ‘cuz it’s got lots of great resources and is so fun and colorful.  I can’t wait to use it with my kiddos!
You can click on any of the photos to check out the listings in my TPT shop or my sister’s.  She’s been adding tons of awesome new clip art, so if you’re looking for cute graphics for your new project, check her out!  Here’s a preview of her coin set.  It’s a screenshot so the pic is a little wobbly looking, but that’s not how the actual product looks.
Well, I’ve been on the computer all day and the hubby is demanding I take a trip back in time and watch “The Good Son” with him. 🙂  Enjoy all your shopping, both indoors and out and stay safe everyone!