Fall Musings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  I am honestly glad it’s over.  I never thought I could be sick of chocolate, but I sooo am!  Too bad I still have a giant bag left since we didn’t have as many trick-or-treaters as anticipated.

Just wanted to stop by and share what I did this weekend with you all.  It was a total blast!  The hubby and I went to see a live version of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ by Washington Irving.  It’s one of my most favorite Halloween-y stories.  The show was outdoors and it was set in a colonial-themed “village” with games and a hay ride.  The festivities were mostly for people with little kids, but the hubs and I enjoyed ourselves as well!

Like my crazy red eyes? I had gone to the eye doctor before we went and it took them awhile to recover from the dilation drops.

Anyways, a few exciting things to note:

  • I’m working on a new multiplication pack that is so cute, I almost can’t stand it!
  • I’m participating in a great giveaway.  I’ll post about it when it’s up and running tomorrow.
  • My sister and I will be holding a giveaway of our own here very shortly!

Well, I best finish getting ready for school.  It’s a short day so I get a few hours to finish up report cards.  Hooray for Term 1 being over!  Thanks for the shoe suggestions on my last post.  I will definitely check them out! 🙂