Cootie Catchers Freebie

Blah…I’m getting sick AGAIN!  I have a pretty tough immune system and have gone entire school years without getting sick once, but I’m making up for that this year.  I feel like as soon as I recover from one thing, I come down with another.  Grrr…

Anyways, I figured it made sense that since my students’ cooties have invaded me, I’d offer a pair of Cootie Catchers as a freebie today.  When I was a kid they were called “Fortune Tellers” and we only used them to predict which boys we were going to marry and girly stuff like that.  However, teachers are so innovative and have turned this student-loved craft into a curriculum tool.  I used one to review multiplication facts the other day and my kids just FREAKED!  They loved it so much.  If you haven’t used them with your kids yet, give it a try.  Even the older kids like them.

You can download a cute set of cootie catchers from my TPT store to review basic language concepts with your kids. One catcher quizzes students on common vs. proper nouns and the other addresses contractions.  They have cute dinosaurs and sea creatures on them to make them even more fun.  The download includes folding instructions.

Click the photo above or visit my TPT shop to get this free download.  Hope you like them! 🙂

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