Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Brace yourselves…I have no homework to grade this weekend.  Can you believe it?  My wonderful hubby came into school with me on Friday and graded all day for me.  I <3 him so much! It was funny because the kids were getting a little loud so I asked them to be quiet and I got no response.  In fact, it might have gotten louder.  Then, I tell my husband to ask them to quiet down and without a microphone or raising his voice, he says, “It’s getting a little noisy in here,” and they INSTANTLY went quiet.  I get that they love him and everything, but seriously….come on! LOL.  And of course then he comes home and doesn’t think my job seems so hard anymore.  Go figure. 🙂

I’m trying to be productive since I don’t have any homework.  I cleaned up the house and tonight we’re going to a film festival my brother-in-law has entered.  I also finished a game I wanted to make for school and I’m really pleased with it.  I absolutely loooooove anything rainbow-ish (does my blog design give that away?) so I used my sister’s new Rainbow Digital Paper Pack to create this game.

How pretty are these papers you guys?  You might be able to win something from her shop in the near future (wink, wink) so keep checking back!

My newest game is called Rainbow Sort and it is a simple, bright, and fun way for kids to practice identifying words with the V/CV and VC/V patterns.  I’ll be using it in my room this week.  If you follow the Reading Street program, this aligns perfectly with Unit 2, Week 2.  You can also use it without the Reading Street program, of course!

Check out my Rainbow Sort game by clicking HERE or visiting my TPT store.  I hope you all are getting in some rest and relaxation before the school week starts again.  I can’t believe how fast this weekend went!  If only my weekdays went by as quickly….

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