Lions and tigers and 3rd graders, oh my!

So….I didn’t get the memo how tiny third graders are!  I was shocked by their size and the lack of attention spans on the first day.  It’s such a huge adjustment to make from having sixth graders.  They’re really cute though and I’m hoping to have them all roped in here soon!

It’s been a rough first week simply because I’ve been trying to get used to all the Reading Street stuff I have to get through.  We didn’t have any specials at all this week and I still didn’t have any time for extra activities like art or even cursive.  Reading Street took up every second we had and I’m hoping that this next week will allow us to do at least one art activity and two social studies lessons.  We’ll see how that goes!  I have a cute art project planned out so if I get a chance to do it, I’ll post all about it.

One thing I do dislike about Reading Street is how they set up the practice stations.  At least half require “Teacher-made word cards” that I don’t really have the time to make, but I worked really hard on my long weekend and got a few made up.  You can click on the pictures to check them out at my TPT store (one is a freebie!). I only went ahead and made this set because they are used for the first 2 weeks of practice stations, so I can still get a good week’s use out of them.  It’s nice knowing that even if we stop using the program, I’ll still be able to use these cards for third grade practice in my class.

I’m in love with Labor Day right now.  Seriously….I needed an extra day like you wouldn’t believe!  I even baked a pie this weekend.  I hope you all got a chance to relax a little bit like I did.  We certainly deserve it, that’s for sure! 🙂