Short VCCV Practice Game Freebie

Good morning, everyone!  Right now I’m on my way to Nevada with the hubby, but I was able to schedule this to post by itself.  Technology can be so awesome sometimes! 🙂  Other times, it can be a pain in the butt, like TeachersPayTeachers is right now.  I know they’ve been updating for the past few days, but I keep getting comments from people who are trying to download my freebies saying it won’t work.  When I try it on both my computers, it works just fine, so I don’t know what the problem is!  It’s so frustrating and I hope they get it all taken care of soon, because it doesn’t look great when no one can download your stuff.  Is anyone else having a similar problem or is it just me?

I’m going to take my chances with posting another freebie and hopefully it works for people because I won’t be around for a few days to fix anything.  Like I’ve said before, my district is implementing the 2011 Reading Street program this upcoming year.  It calls for daily center-like rotations and I’m not a big fan of some of the suggested activities so I’ve been planning on making a few games that I can substitute with the poor practices.  The first one is pretty basic, but it turned out well, I think.  It’s a practice review game for the Unit 1, Week 1 phonics lesson, which is short vowel consonant consonant vowel words.  You don’t have to have Reading Street to use this at all, but it’s aligned if you do have the program!

The download comes with the game board, instructions, 8 monster game pieces, and 40 game cards with short VCCV words. Hope you can use this!  Get it from my TPT store (maybe, lol) by clicking HERE.

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