I’m Jumpin’ Ship!

Well, I hate to say it after all the work I’ve put in this past month or so, but I’m jumping ship on the whole camping theme.  Maybe the disappearance of my tent poles should have been a sign.  I wanted it to work so badly, but it’s not coming together the way I would have liked in my classroom and I just don’t have the funds to bring it all to life.  I don’t like being a quitter, but I also know it will drive me nuts all year if I hate the look of my room, so it’s best to change things up now while I still have some time before the year starts.

I’m still going to do a nature-related theme, but the camping and the dark browns and oranges have got to go! I need a visually bright and fun room, so I’m going to do a modern-style forest with different colors and patterns for the leaves.  It’ll be based on my owl theme from last year, but I’m going to expand it to include lots of birds and trees as well. I’m making large flowers right now with my Cricut that I’ll put up along the base of the walls to make it kind of look like a field.  I feel so much better now already with my decision and things are starting to come along.

Since my camping-themed calendar won’t fit anymore (which is a shame because I really did love it!), I made a new one with some adorable bird clip art.  Here is the new calendar which will go along with lots of other products for my new theme.

Click on the photo above or check out my calendar set HERE.

To celebrate the changing of themes (I can really find a reason to celebrate most things, lol!), I am also offering a freebie that goes along with my Whimsical Birdies theme.  I’ve made up some name plates with these cute birds and you can get them HERE.

Don’t those little birds just warm your heart? I can’t help but feel a little happier when I look at them and I think it’ll help keep the dark and dreadful portable bright and cheery during the winter months.  I hope you like them! 🙂  I do have a lot of work to do now that I’m starting over with my theme, so I’ll be back soon.

15 thoughts on “I’m Jumpin’ Ship!

  1. I am your newest follower! Love your blog. Sorry about your angst regarding your classroom theme. It will come together.
    My blog is Teise's Tidbits. When you have a chance check it out. It is a work in progress.

  2. Debbie,
    Thanks for your comment! I think I just stress myself out too much over a theme. It's important, but in the big scheme of things, it's probably not worth this much drama, lol. I'm happy with the direction it's heading in now, so hopefully it'll all work out the second time around! I'm going to check out your blog now!

  3. Janis,
    Thanks so much for the award! I work with so many BYU alumni being in SLC. I'm not originally from here so I don't have the connection with the schools, but the students all get riled up over the BYU vs U of U debate. 🙂

  4. Hi Rebecca, I'm a 3rd Grade Reading Teacher. I too had to scratch my theme idea due to funds. I'm slightly obsessed with mermaids and we just got back from Florida where I tracked dolphins daily. So, of course I was going to go with a "mermaid/ocean" theme. Well, as I began shopping I found tons of clearance stuff for spring and since my theme last year was butterflies/garden I decided to stick with it and expand. This year, I'm adding birds into the mix! That's how I found you on Teacher's Notebook. I LOVE the colors of your blog. By chance, do you have any other items for your bird theme? They go really well with my pink/turquoise/green theme. I love your birdie too. I only teach reading and I see about 60 students per day so the name plates wouldn't do me much good. I would love word wall letters, restroom passes, discipline chart/labels and basket labels for my library.

    I'm also thinking about beginning a blog. I have no clue how to use HTML and create a blog. Is there a website that helped you learn how?

    Thanks! Deniece

  5. Deniece,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I definitely can relate with your situation theme-wise! It can be so hard sometimes! I will be making more projects that go with my birdies theme. I am currently working on a clip chart and have a whole list of others that I want to complete for my room as well. I don't really make things just to make them and sell unless I plan on using them too, so I'm motivated to keep creating now that I have an empty room with very little time to get put together. Keep checking back in the next few weeks because I plan on getting as many projects finished as I can.

    As far as the blog goes, there are a number of beginner bloggers out there (like myself!) who don't know a lick about HTML. I use blogger because it's really user friendly and free. It takes you through the steps one by one and it's only as fancy as you want it to be. All the little extras are what require HTML, but I don't mess with that stuff. If you do create your own, let me know!


  6. I love the birds! So cute! I've kinda done the same thing as you…I had owls last year and they were a little too "woodsy" for me so this year I'm brightening things up with some more colorful owls! =)

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