I Survived!

Holy cow has it been a very long couple of weeks!  It’s been so hectic that I haven’t had time to post, but my summer vacation is (almost) here.  I say almost because I have 2 full day trainings this Monday and Tuesday, so once those are over, I’ll really be ready to relax.

It was tough to see my kiddos go this year.  I had such a wonderful class and will miss them.  I had several emails saying I had kids who came home crying on the last day because they were going to miss my class.  That was very touching and reminded me how good it can feel to be a teacher.

On another update, it turns out I will NOT be moving into the building next year as previously decided. This means a lot of the plans I had for decor will not work anymore so all those creative ideas must be placed on hold. I’m flattered that I’m trusted enough to be left to my own devices in a portable, but I was still so excited to come inside. Sigh….next year!

On a positive note, my clip chart is finished and I’m so thrilled with how it turned out!  It originally had 7 stages, but I didn’t think about the size of my chart until I started to glue them all together.  I was concerned that 3rd graders wouldn’t be able to reach the top if I kept them all, so I got rid of my purple ‘Way to Go!’ step, which gave me 3 positive and 3 negative steps.  I still think it will get the job done.  Before I laminated, I was worried about the sturdiness of it, so I glued a few file folders to the back to add a little more support.

After laminating the chart, I hot-glued several strips of cardboard to the back so it would stand away from the wall a bit, making room for our clothespins.  I have this header called ‘Owl Star Behavior’ that I will post above or next to my clip chart.

I crochet in my spare time and started giving my students these cute little creatures whenever they reached a big goal or impressed me somehow.  I have 25 students and wanted to make everyone one and of course, I procrastinated until the latest possible moment and my hands paid the price.  I had to whip up 9 in the last week, which was incredibly brutal, but I did get them all finished! Here are some of the ones my kids had on them the last day of school. I’ll never be doing that again, lol!

Well, I’ve got unpacking to do at our new place so I better get to it.  I’ll be working on school stuff later on this week once my break has officially started!  Hope you’re all enjoying your summer vacation so far!

3 thoughts on “I Survived!

  1. Julie,
    It was ridiculous how much my kiddos loved these. They are pretty simply once you're used to crocheting a bit. They don't take too long, except when you have 25 to do in a very short amount of time, lol. Thanks for reading!

  2. How did you make these cute characters? I love this idea and would love to learn how to make one..

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