And this year’s theme will be…

CAMPING! I’ve been thinking loooong and hard about which theme I’d like for my classroom next year.  Now that I’m in third grade where I feel that sort of creativity is really appreciated, I want to have an all-out theme in my room.  I’m not just talking about a few matching posters here and there, I want the whole shebang! Of course there are TONS of themes that many creative teachers have used in the past and believe you me, I have been using the Internet as my resource for theme inspiration.  I wanted to do a theme that hasn’t been “overdone” in my opinion, (although I realize that popularity means resources are easier to find and they are tried and true) but I also didn’t want to be recreating the wheel here.  I was debating between a bird/woods theme or a camping theme and the camping theme won out simply because of all the cute and corny sayings that popped into my head while I was browsing pictures.  Here are a few that could be used with this theme:

  • ‘Campfire Tales’ to display student writing
  • ‘Camping Out With a Good Book’
  • ‘Word Watching’ for a word wall instead of bird watching, get it? 🙂
  • ‘Whooo’s In Our Class?’ or ‘Whooo’s Here Today?’ for display or attendance board
  • ‘Making Tracks in _____’ (input subject here)
  •  ‘Fishing for Good Behavior/Work’
  • ‘S’more Great Work’ to display student work
  • ‘Work to Buzz About’ to display student work
  • ‘Camp/Lodge Rules’ for rule chart
  • ‘Look Who’s ‘Pitching’ In!’ for job chart

My room will surely be different from these wonderful classrooms, but I’m using their set-ups as inspiration.  I found these pictures through other third-party blogs or sites and when I tried to go back to the source, the pages were no longer available, so I apologize for no links! 🙁

I absolutely LOVE her beehive string of lights on the ‘Camp Rules’ bulletin board.
We’re ready to learn s’more! Too cute!
Another board for ‘Camp Rules’ that I might try to replicate.
Another s’more title! This could be cute with cotton balls as the marshmallows.
This tent is just perfect! I don’t think you can have a camp theme without one.  I have a two-person tent I can bring, but it might be too big…

I’ve also just gotten some cute clipart to get crafty with now that summer break has officially started so I have tons of things to get started on.  Ironic how I cannot wait for the year to end and when my vacation is finally here, all I can do is think about next year.  Is that a teacher thing or should I see a professional about my obsession? lol

I know I will make some kind of 3D tree in my reading area, but I’m not quite sure exactly how yet.  That’ll come to me later (I hope!).  I will also be making some kind of fake campfire to put in the reading area as well.  I’ve seen lots of different ways on the Internet (paper mache, real wood with tissue paper, fan with tissue paper, tissue paper and Christmas lights, etc.) so I’ll just have to play around with things and see what works best for me.  I’m also going to find some cheap tackle boxes to use as caddies for tables and battery-operated lanterns to place around the room.  I get a little sad when I think of camping because it reminds me of fireflies and we don’t have those in Utah.  Things like that make me miss the midwest. 🙁 

Has anyone else done a camping/outdoors theme in their room?  I’d love to see pictures or hear your wonderful ideas.  Anything to keep me inspired!