Under the Sea Labels

It has been so crazy over in my neck of the woods lately.  I have the big classroom move hanging over my head and on top of that, my husband and I are also moving into a nicer place the same day I’ll be moving my classroom!  Needless to say, I’m so sick of packing and still have tons to do.  On top of all this, my beautiful cat, Zipper, fell from the dresser and seriously hurt her tail.  It’s her biggest asset and now it just hangs there like it’s paralyzed.  The vet gave her some steroids and said only time will tell if we have to amputate (oh no!).  I needed a break from all the chaos that is my life right now and decided to make something I could use next year in my third-grade classroom.

I know a lot of teachers who use an ocean theme for their classrooms because it’s so easy to find decorations and can turn out so well.  I’m still not sure on my theme for next year yet, but I couldn’t resist making a set of subject labels with some cute clipart I purchased.  There are 15 labels for the following subjects/events: math, language, reading, PE, art, music, recess, lunch, assembly, special event, study hall, dismissal, science, social studies, and writing.  I tried to cover everything I could see myself using.  For next year, I will print these on cardstock, laminate them, and attach a small magnet to the back so that they’ll stick to my whiteboard.  I think it will add some cute pizazz to our daily schedule.  I might also print some out on sticker paper and use them like traditional labels for marking my supplies, centers, and other materials.  I’m thrilled with how they turned out and am happy I can finally add something else to my store.  Click here to see them at my TPT store!

I hope everyone’s year is winding down smoothly and that you’re ready to get some relaxation in!  I can’t wait to be all unpacked both at home and at school so that I can start organizing and decorating, which is what I do best!  I’ll be back in a few days with a freebie as well, so come back soon!

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