Making the End of the Year “Pop”

I hope you all had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week.  Our PTA organizes a lot of what goes on that week at our school.  They had themed days this year, which I thought was such a fun idea.  On Monday, our doors were decorated and the kids brought us treats for being such a “treat” in the classroom.  The kids wrote thank-you letters on Tuesday and on Wednesday they brought us flowers to show thanks for helping them “bloom.”  It was quite cute to see how creative the kids got with this.  I did get a lot of actual flowers, but I also got some flower decor and origami flowers.  Thursday was my favorite when kids thanked us for being their “recipe” to success by bringing in copies of their favorite family recipes.  I love adding recipes to my collection and I already tried a homemade pancake and syrup recipe this past weekend that was delish!  On Friday, students treated us however they liked.  It was such a fun week to be me!

I wanted to share an idea I got from Pinterest.  I can’t describe how excited and accomplished I feel that I’ve actually done something I’ve pinned.  Does that seem silly?  In order to celebrate the end of the school year, I decided to use Here We Go Loopty Loo‘s idea of putting different rewards/activities inside balloons and letting kids pop them each day as a fun way to countdown.  I did 15 days instead of 20 since our last four days are already full of special events.  I was going to put them on the ceiling like she did, but I realized I had a bright red bulletin board that needed filling and I got the idea to make it more like that balloon pop game you always see at a fair.  I got some balloons and a dart and was all set.  I really feel like I missed out on a great title for this, but I was short on time and google failed me, so I simply labeled it ‘Balloon Pop!’  Please excuse my balloon sizes.  I apparently cannot blow two balloons the same size to save my life. LOL.

I let my kids write down ideas of things they’d like to do and I chose the ones that were doable and added a few of my own.  Unfortunately for them, having class on the roof was not one of those practical suggestions, lol.  Some of the suggestions I approved were:

  • Mrs. Glasmann eats lunch with us in the cafeteria  (I have been trying to avoid that one! lol)
  • Eat lunch in the classroom
  • Extra PE time
  • Extra recess time
  • No homework for the night
  • A day with no desks or chairs
  • Mrs. Glasmann shows us her 6th grade picture (Where do they come up with this stuff?)
  • Play a class game
  • Rearrange desks however students want (This came with the stipulation that I can move them back any time I’d like.)
  • Bring a drink and snack to school
  • Movie morning with popcorn

So far, we’ve popped three balloons.  Because some of the ideas required prior notice either for me or students, we pop a balloon at the end of the day to see what we’ll do tomorrow.  I kind of use the pop as a behavior management tool because they know if
they do not behave the whole day that they will not get to pop a
balloon for tomorrow.  Ironically, my coworker is also doing this and we both popped ‘a day with no desks or chairs’ on the first day.  That was fun for the kids.  Today we got to have extra PE time, which was a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Tomorrow they will get to eat lunch in the classroom and are so excited about this.  It’s funny how such simple rewards I’d never imagine were “cool” get the kids pumped up.  So far, it’s working out great!

Proper balloon popping form.
Check out the dart about to pop that red balloon!

I’m planning on trying to make the dum-dum tree I’ve seen floating around on Pinterest for next year and I need to make some time to finish up my clip chart.  I’ve got three levels down, only 4 more to go.  We’re in the process of moving, so it makes it hard to find space and time for crafts.  I’ll be back soon!