A Cute Owl Freebie

It’s finally May!  I’m just a teensy bit jealous of all those teacher who don’t have to teach into June.  My students don’t get out until June 6th.  But really we have so much going on (pool party, field day, class party, etc) that those six days will fly by, I hope! Anyways, I’ve still been thinking about my future classroom and my owl obsession.  I’ve been working on my clip chart that has the title “Owl-Star Behavior” and a little owl on it.  I’ll post pics when I’m finished. Thanks to Google, I came across a super cute owl freebie that I wanted to share.  It was posted on My Owl Barn blog last summer, so you might have already seen it if you’re an owl fanatic like me.  Click here to get the freebies below.  They include bookmarks, book plates, and journal pages. 

I absolutely love this blog! You should really check it out if you like cute things.  Who doesn’t, right? 🙂  I hope you have a great day!

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