Brag Tag Giveaway

Have you ever heard of brag tags?  They are dog tags that have school-related achievements on them that students can collect for good behavior or academic improvement.  The kids can display their tags on a necklace or a keychain. I hadn’t known about these until I saw the giveaway going on at *Mrs. Bainbridge’s Class* blog.  If you enter her giveaway, you could win 100 of your own tags to use in your classroom.  Here’s the site where you can buy your own.  I think she said you can get 100 for just $15, which isn’t too bad of a deal.  I’m seriously considering stocking up for next year.  I haven’t quite decided what my rewards system will be next year, but I can add this one to the list for consideration! 🙂 If you’d like a chance to get a free set to use in your classroom, go to her blog and enter the giveaway! 

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