A Little “Poet Tree” Bulletin Board

32 more school days left.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful class this year and will miss them terribly, but there’s just something to be said about summer vacation.  The freedom.  Sleeping in.  Free time (what’s that again?).  Ahh…it’s just all so wonderful that I feel I must count down to it!

We’re devoting the month of May to poetry.  I know April was Poetry Month, but my kids are doing their CRT (state tests) all throughout May and it’s a fun relaxer for them to read silly poetry and write different styles of poetry on their own.  My colleague did her poetry unit last month and put up this really cute bulletin board that I thought I’d share with you all.  Her students wrote acrostic name poems on the computer and she put them up on her “Poet Tree.”

Now on to non-academic talk.  If you’ve been reading my post, you already know I recently received a
Cricut Expression machine.  It is so cool! Thanks to all the Pink Stamper
videos on YouTube, I’ve been able to successfully use it without any
major mishaps or frantic searches through the manual.  I quickly (I had
only about a half hour after I unpacked the bad boy!) made this card for
my sister-in-law’s birthday before we went to her celebratory dinner.  I
think it turned out super cute given that I was short on time and
experience!  Sorry the pic is so dark.  Our office has horrible
lighting.  Inside it says “Go Nuts!”  Cute, huh?  I’ve gotten all the letters for my clip chart made up and I just need to put them on some fun background.

Well, that’s enough from me for today.  See you around!