It’s About Time!

Per request, I am working on making more flashcard sets for addition, subtraction, and division, but it’ll be a little while.  I hope to have a new set out this weekend, but it’s just soooo long to do addition and subtraction since I’m covering facts from 0-20.

Today I would like to reminisce a little bit.  I find it funny that when I was a kid, I didn’t pay too much attention to all the great ideas my teachers had.  Since I’m going to be teaching third grade next year, I know I’ll be covering telling time as part of my curriculum.  Whenever I think of teaching time, two memories come to mind:  

  1. Not paying attention during my first grade teacher’s time lesson and getting in trouble.  (LOL, I was distracted by a BOY. Give me a break!)
  2.  My fifth grade Language teacher, Mrs. Wills.  She gave us this sticker that looked like a clock and next to each hour was a line.  At the beginning of the year, we had to go around and find a partner for each hour and write it on our clocks.  Whenever it was time to peer edit, she’d give us a time and that’s how we’d know who we were working with.  I loved it and still remember it to this day!

I’m kicking myself now for not being more observant and remembering things better.  If only I knew waaaay back then I would grow up to be a teacher!  Do any of you have any activities, projects, management tools, etc, that you modeled after one of your own teachers’ great ideas?  This could be a fun conversation, I think!

Anyway, that ties into my latest freebie.  I remade the clock I remember from Mrs. Wills’s class, but I added a new component to help my kiddos practice time concepts at the same time (no pun intended).  Students will cut out the hands of the clock and secure them to the clock with a brad so that the hands are moveable.  When it’s time for a partner activity and I don’t want them to choose their own, I’ll ask students to show a certain time on the clock.  Once I’ve checked their clocks, they’ll have permission to find that partner and get to work.  Thanks Mrs. Wills for the inspiration!  You can get this practical management tool HERE.