Guess What I’m Getting!

I’m sooo excited about my new “toy.”  It’s been one of those slow as molasses weeks and I’ve had a lot of crap going on with family tragedy and school district dramatics.  Why is my school always on the news? Sigh…  Anyways, I could not possibly have picked a better week to buy my sister’s barely used Cricut off of her!  I have been looking forward to it forever it seems and two cartridges I’ve bought have already arrived.  It should be here within the next few days, I hope!

These are the two cartridges I bought:

I figured I needed a good go-to font cartridge for all the fun posters and stuff I have planned for my new classroom.  There are a lot, but after extensive browsing, I decided on Cuttin’ Up.  It’s very fun and the variations have a lot of personality.  The first project I’m going to make with this cartridge is my clip chart.  This is the example I found on the blog Sunny Days in Second Grade and I just fell in love with it and want to make my own. I haven’t decided yet how I’ll do the backgrounds.  She used her own polka dot tags, but I think I’ll go with something a little different.  Hopefully it turns out okay.  I’ll post pictures when or if it ever gets finished.

For the Give a Hoot cartridge, I don’t really know what I’ll make with that yet.  It’s super cute and I’m a big time self-proclaimed “tree hugger” so the theme is right up my alley.  It’s too bad I didn’t get this all a little sooner because I could have made a cute Earth Day display with it.

Do any of you out there own a Cricut?  I’d be interested to know what your favorite creations with it are. Is there nything you’ve made for your classroom that you’re pleased with how it turned out?  Well, I’m out for tonight.  Smile! Tomorrow’s Friday!