Two Freebies and Spring Break

Spring break is only a day awaaaaaayyyy!  (Imagine that to the tune of ‘Tomorrow, Tomorrow!’)  I’m a little pumped, can you tell? 🙂  First of all, because I’d love to have a few hours in a row to research 3rd grade stuff without 6th grade duties getting in the way.  Secondly, because I can’t wait to sleep in! And lastly, but probably most importantly, my hubby finally comes home on Tuesday!  He’s been gone since 2012 started for an internship in Washington, D.C.  We’ve only been married since the end of July, so I’m very happy that these past few months of loneliness are over!  It’s been a very long time…

On another good note, I’ve been working on a cute ‘Mean, Median, Mode, and Range’ packet for my TPT store.  It’ll be the first thing of substance I’ve really put up there and I’ll get that up sometime during spring break.  Until then, I have two new freebies for anyone who wants them!  The first is a chart for fun daily spelling practice.  The kids roll two large die and add the numbers together to identify the activity for the day.  It’s got a lot of fun activities for all learners, including visual and kinesthetic.  My kids really like the randomness of it all and we do this two times a week.  Most of the activities have little explanations on the chart, but I’ve included detailed instructions for a few of the games others may not be as familiar with.

The second freebie is the vocabulary log I use with my kiddos.  I think it’s best for upper elementary or middle school grades since the lines are closer together.  My kids were constantly failing their vocab quizzes because they didn’t study and I implemented this as a way to cement the words into their heads.  Instead of just write the definition, they must write the word, definition, use the word correctly in a sentence, and draw an illustration to go with it.  This is not a new concept at all and I’m sure many of you already do a variation of this, but I figured since I already had a 15 word packet typed up, I might as well make it available.  My kids’ scores have really improved since using these logs. Both of these are available for free in my TPT store.

Well, I’m off to enjoy a good old packet of Ramen Noodles for dinner.  I feel like I’m in college all over again!
Have a wonderful night, all!