New Activities and Some Bulletin Board Love

I mentioned in a previous post that my sister is visiting from Illinois (my home state) this week.  I’ve had to take a few days of work off so I could spend some quality time with her.  I wasn’t absent at all my first year for numerous, control-freak reasons, so I’ve got a lot of days piled up.  I have been putting her to work though, so it’s not all fun and games over here.  We’ve made 24 owls and are almost done with those, thank goodness!  I’ve also been able to add two new downloads to my TPT store.  One is a fun freebie I made for my kiddos’ spelling practice and the other is an archaeologist convention activity that my kids had so much fun with these past two years.  I’m slowly building up my store, so hopefully I’ll have more to come soon.

I have a confession to make; I am a bulletin board addict.  I could browse bulletin board pictures all day.  I’d like to say I’m exaggerating, but I actually did that one day this past year when I was couch-ridden with the flu.  As a teacher, it’s my drug of choice.  I finally got around to uploading some photos of my classroom and I thought I’d include a few bulletin boards for other addicts out there! 🙂

This board turned out so bright and fun!  I do book circles in the classroom and each group has a unique set of vocabulary words that the kids choose as we go along.  As we choose words, I add them to the board under the right header.  You can see it in use in the right corner of the photo below.

We had a figurative language unit that ended with students writing a descriptive essay about a random place they drew out of a hat.  We then made these cute passports and added student photos.  Inside the passport is their essay.

This board is probably my favorite academic board ever!  I’m not a fan of Star Wars, but I couldn’t let this title opportunity pass me by.  My students made their own planets using coffee filters and they turned out so well.  I am drawn to the prettiest ones, but my all-time favorite was the one on the right wall at the bottom.  The student who made this one used too much brown and it kind of ruined her design.  She named the planet “Burnt Pancake” which couldn’t be more spot on! LOL.

Like I said before, I missed a few days of work to hang out with my sister and when I returned, this is the message I found on my board.  Little things like this make my day! 🙂

Well, I think I’m off to check out more amazing teaching blogs (see my sidebar for more inspiration!).  Night all!

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