Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Pack with Freebie

It’s here! I spent my first night of spring break finishing this baby up and it’s all ready to go at my TPT store.  I have to say I’m quite pleased with how it all turned out!  It includes 4 anchor charts (1 for each concept), 4 two-page math center worksheets (1 for each concept and all you need for the centers is dice and a deck of cards), a two-page review worksheet that practices all concepts and a fun set of flashcards for your students.  I finally have something of substance in my store and couldn’t be more thrilled! (NERD ALERT! lol)

Doesn’t it all look so pretty? In order to celebrate that I actually have 4 followers (yeah for you guys!), I’m posting the flashcards from my set above as a freebie! I hope you like them!  You can get your freebie here!

Now that it’s the first full day of spring break, I don’t quite know what to do with myself!  That’s a lie…I know exactly what I need to do just by poking my head in the kitchen and seeing my sink full of dishes.  Blah!  I guess I better clean up some now before I become a bona fide couch potato.  Thanks for stopping by!