Hello, World!

I’d like to welcome anyone reading this to my blog!  I have been obsessed with teacher blogs for as long as I’ve been in the profession.  There are so many talented and creative teachers out there and I turn to their blogs when I am feeling a little deflated and in need of inspiration.  Since I do so much taking from these blogs, it might be nice to give back a little when I can.  Enter Classroom Compulsion.  I hope to use this blog as a way to share interesting ideas I’ve found along the way as well as resources I have created myself.
I am a teacher finishing up my second year of teaching.  I’ve taught in a self-contained 6th grade classroom for both years, but this fall I will be making the move to 3rd grade and I am so excited!  I enjoyed my older kids very much, but there are so many new things I can’t wait to try out in a younger grade level.  Of course, I feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of the new school year.  I have no experience with third graders and almost no supplies, but I’m working on that last part.  I’ve been using wonderful third grade teacher blogs to get the wheels turning.  I’ve got the blogs I follow and consult regularly listed on my side panel, so check them out!  Chances are if you’ve found me, you’re probably already familiar with many of these great teachers.  I’ve also been using Pinterest as a resource tool if you can call it that! Lol.

Well, that’s a quick introduction, but I’ll be back soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

Happy teaching!